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Broken. I Failed.

I just realized. I skipped Saturday and Sunday. I am a failure and the 100 Days of Burritos is broken.

Oof, guys, I am super sad. Very disappointed in myself. I’ve let you down also.

It was fun. But I guess it is over. Wa wa wa. Just when I started to blog about it too. LAME.

Oh well. Now the pressure is off. And I can just have a burrito without it being tainted by obligation.

Burritos por vida. Loca.

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100 Days of Burritos: Days 62 and 63 Catch Up, Shut Up

The rules are as follows: you can catch up, but you cannot bank burritos. SO. Yesterday was a two burrito day. Burrito 62: Breakfast burrito. Burrito 63: Chicken burrito.

I’ve been caught up with life, which is why I was not able to get a burrito Sunday and had to double up on Monday. ALSO, why I am writing this a day late.

In any case, because life happens, I can catch up one day by having two burritos the following day. I cannot fall behind more than a day. No three burrito days. Two at the most.

I cannot bank burritos. The point is to never really skip a day. Accidents happen, but my life’s purpose is to have a burrito in my day, everyday. It is a priority. 

KNOW THIS! I am not getting tired of burritos. I am getting busy. I am also a space cadet and regularly forget to do the most basic of life’s tasks like get a burrito.

Burritos por vida.

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100 Days of Burritos: Day 61 Ero Guro

Today’s burrito is from what was formerly L’Avenida, now a part of Tart to Tart simply as Mexican Grill. A shrimp burrito mojado.

Shrimp and enchilada sauce?! You might ask. But isn’t that gross?

Yea. It was. But I ate it anyway. And I ate it all.

Is it because I am Japanese that I find the grotesque beautiful? Butoh and Ero Guro. Google that shit. That my friends is the dance going on in my belly. The beauty digesting within me. Sexy kinda.

It’s not the burrito’s fault. It was my perverse imagination that created this meal monstrosity. It sounded good. But I don’t think things through all the way.

Whatever. It’s still a burrito and I loved it.

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100 Days of Burritos: Day 60 

Today’s burrito was a Super Carne Asada Burrito from La Palma. In the deep mission 24th Street, where the burrito is king.

They grill the tortilla and I am a fan. Super fresh. They are a market and make a lot of the stuff there. It’s a great spot.

I’ve been getting black beans lately because they are supposed to be healthier. They are a little drier, pinto are a smidge tastier, but I get the smug satisfaction that I am being health conscious. Either way I’m full of farts.

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100 Days of Burritos: Day 59 What You Will Learn

Today’s burrito was from the work spot, Carmelina’s. A BB, Breakfast Burrito.

I got sour cream again. IT’S SO YUMMY. I cannot stop. I need to watch out though, I am getting squishy, but at the same time the quality of my life is incredible. I am so happy.

So, I have been writing these lil burrito blurbs, blurritos if you will, for about a week. I hope people read and enjoy them, however, I hope no one expects to learn anything from them outside of what I ate that day.

I just like eating burritos. I have no inside knowledge on burrito spots. I have no discerning taste, so don’t expect to hear great reviews. Everything will just be yummy. I do have some burrito eating techniques, but generally, nothing new to add to the burrito world.

Just a simple girl who loves burritos. Don’t expect anything of me. You will be disappointed.  

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100 Days of Burritos: Day 58 Dinosaur Stones

Today’s burrito is from good ol’ reliable Gordo Taqueria on 9th Ave.

Grilled chicken. Rice. Beans. Cheese. Guac. Sour Cream. Jalapenos. Hot sauce. Chips on the side.

I could not help myself and had to get sour cream in my burrito again. Since it was going to be cool and creamy, I decided to add jalapenos for heat, flavor, and crunch. I am a genius.

Chips are a very necessary part of the burrito experience. It was once believed that dinosaurs ate stones to help aid in the breaking up and digestion of pants and leaves they were not able to chew properly. This being recently found to be untrue, IS IN FACT THE VERY STRATEGY BEHIND CHIPS IN BURRITO CONSUMPTION.

The burrito is a very squishy food. It is mushy in the mouth. Chips help create friction and add structure to each bite and chew. They also help keep tortilla from sticking to the roof of the mouth and front teeth.

I got mad respect for taquerias that make their own chips.